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Un Nombre de Mujer - Los Zafiros

Los Zafiros

I wish I could curl up and live inside of this song… Listening to it makes me want to find a time machine and travel back in time to Cuba in the 60s.

Linen guayabera shirts and hot sweaty nights rum drunk and electric gyrations in the low light and this wild sound mixing with the humidity. In my dreams…

Also, the little bit of story I could glean from the Wikipedia entry on Los Zafiros makes their story seem more interesting than anything Hollywood has vomited out in the last year.

The group was highly successful from the start, with high record sales and popular tours at home and abroad. However, some members of the group were self-destructive and undisciplined, with heavy drinking and other activities. Two died young: Ignacio died in 1981 at the age of 37 from a brain hemorrhage. Kike died in 1983 from cirrhosis of the liverEl Chino, beset by vision, speech and drinking problems, lived alone in Cayo Hueso until his death on 8 August 1995 at age 56. Today only two members are alive, Manuel Galban and Miguel Cancio. Cancio lives in Miami.”