Trailer for a documentary  called “In No Great Hurry” on photographer Saul Leiter.

I had never heard of him but apparently he was a pioneer of color photography who began work in the 1950s. He was mostly under the radar save for a show at MoMa in 1953.  

These words speak to my soul:

“I see no reason for being in a rush. When you consider many of the things that people treat very seriously, than you realize that they don’t deserve to be treated that seriously, and many of the things that people worry about are not really worth worrying about. If I didn’t do anything more than my little book wouldn’t that be enough?”


A couple weeks a go I ran a warrior dash in upstate New York with a couple close friends. In case you’re unfamiliar a Warrior Dash is a 5k footrace scattered with obstacles. 

The races happen all over the country, ours was in Wyndham New York on the side of ski hill. We climbed more than a thousand feet up Wyndham Mountain all the while scrambling over barricades and sloshing through mud and crawling under barbed wire. 

We got dirty, we got cut and scrapped, we drank bad beer at the end and had a ton of fun. The race ate my camera, but I managed to get a few shots anyway.